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The Benefits of 1:1 coaching for aspiring authors:

1. Get Personalized Feedback That Fits Your Writing Goals

  •  A coach reviews your ideas and provides tailored suggestions and a roadmap

  • You get targeted feedback based on your genre and style

  • Coaching is more specific than a generic writing class

2. Stay Accountable to Finish Your Manuscript

  • A coach keeps you on track with deadlines and word count goals

  • Regular check-ins prevent you from abandoning your project

  • Coaches motivate you to push past writer's block and procrastination

3. Learn Techniques to Improve Your Craft

  • A coach identifies areas for growth and provides exercises

  • You'll gain new skills for developing characters, plot, dialogue, etc.

  • A coach can recommend books/resources to advance your abilities

4. Receive Guidance from a Publishing Insider

  • A coach who is an experienced author or editor has publishing know-how

  • They advise you on making manuscripts submission-ready

  • A coach helps you understand what agents and editors want

5. Build Confidence in Your Novel and Yourself

  • A coach highlights the merits in your work, not just the issues

  • Their feedback and encouragement nurtures your self-belief

  • You gain confidence in your potential as an author

Investing in a coach provides aspiring authors with personalized support needed to hone their craft, get published, and live their writing dreams.

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