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The advantages of self-publishing:

Higher Royalty Rates for Self-Published Authors

- Traditional publishers offer 10-15% royalties

- Self-publishing can earn you 60% or more in royalties

- Keep control over pricing to potentially earn more

- Gain royalties from formats like audiobooks

- Earn ongoing passive income long-term

Faster Publishing Timelines with Self-Publishing

- Traditional publishing can take years from acquisition to release

- With self-publishing, your book goes live within months

- Choose your exact publication date to time with promotions

- Release additional titles quickly to grow your catalog

- No waiting around on agent/publisher timelines

Full Creative Control When Self-Publishing

- Choose every detail like title, cover design, format

- Maintain author voice throughout editing process

- Decide on optimal chapter organization and pacing

- Can continue making changes even after publication

- Avoid frustration from unwanted publisher changes

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