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Empower yourself to become a published author with our 66 page comprehensive workbook, "The Self-Publishing workbook: Your Guide to Successfully Publishing Your Book." This indispensable resource takes you on a step-by-step journey through the intricate world of self-publishing, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the process with confidence. From refining your manuscript and designing a captivating cover to formatting your book for various platforms and mastering marketing strategies, this workbook provides practical exercises, expert advice, and insider tips to help you achieve your publishing dreams. Whether you're a first-time author or seeking greater control over your creative work, "The Self-Publishing Roadmap" is your trusted companion on the path to bringing your book to life and connecting with readers worldwide.


Included in our 1:1 coaching program

Workbook to self publish your manuscript

  • Workbook Included with the 1:1 coaching program for Self Publishers

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