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Jamison has it all—a coveted job at a top Chicago Engineering firm, a luxury downtown apartment, and a glamorous lifestyle to match. He's risen to success coming from humble beginnings, thanks to his Ivy League education and fierce determination. But it's all at risk of unraveling.


Behind closed doors, Jamison's past contains secrets that could destroy the perfect image hhe projects. As his three best friends from college continue to pursue their own extraordinary lives and careers among Chicago's elite, they remain unaware of the parts of himself Jamison hides...the parts that could undermine everything he's built if exposed. 


When a figure from Jamison's past unexpectedly reenters his life threatening to reveal the truth, Jamison finds himself walking a tightrope to prevent his web of lies from unraveling. He's sacrificed too much and come too far to let it all go up in flames now. But with his friends always by his side, can Jamison finally come clean about where he really came from without losing everything in his present?


In this gripping second installment in the Integrated Friends series, Jamison's story will be told. But will the truth ultimately set him free or leave his life in pieces?


Expected release December 2023.

The Chronicles of Integrated Friends "Jamison's Story"

SKU: Available for PreOrder
Expected to ship in the Fall of 2023
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