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Ozion Book Publishing Company is dedicated to supporting authors in their writing journeys and helping them navigate the publishing industry successfully. As part of our commitment to author development, we offer comprehensive coaching services tailored to meet individual needs and goals. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches provide one-on-one guidance, empowering authors to refine their writing skills, navigate the publishing process, and achieve their literary aspirations.

Whether you're a first-time writer or an experienced author, our coaching services provide personalized support, constructive feedback, and practical strategies to enhance your writing craft, develop compelling narratives, and optimize your chances of success in the competitive publishing landscape.


With our coaching services, you'll gain valuable insights, refine your manuscript, and build the confidence needed to bring your literary dreams to fruition. At Ozion Publishing Group we are dedicated to nurturing your talent and helping you achieve your publishing goals.

Our Coaching Programs

  • 30 minute call to determine where you are in the process

  • Brand building and the step by step writing process for your book.

  • 15 minute call to determine where you are in the process

  • The step by step process to self publish your book.

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